Nebula Research is committed to providing the highest quality to improve the lives of all citizens globally. This page allows downloads of all our research in PDF form. The research is provided free of charge to organisations to use to improve the delivery of services to their end service users (citizens).

Corporations wishing to use this research for other purposes (e.g. sales, bids, customer engagement, etc) should contact us in the first instance by sending an email to or via the Get in Touch Now button above.

All research remains the copyright of Nebula Research and redistribution of our work, in any form, is strictly prohibited without prior written agreement.

Hi there,

We are currently redesigning the “Our Research” section of our website and until further notice, our papers will be unavailable for download for a short period.

We apologies for any inconvenience caused.

You can still find our work via official journals and other third party sites such as ResearchGate.

Papers published as part of our Future Researchers’ Programme can still be viewed and downloaded via the Future Researchers’ Programme section of our website.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sanjeev Gupta & Sebastian Fuller