Future Researchers Programme

As part of our Vision, we have designed a Future Researchers Programme. This provides opportunities for sixth form students to participate in our research programmes, under the direction of a Lead Professor. The Programme ensures that these students are taught the specialists skills required by academic researchers, and their work is fully recognised in publications. Each student will be listed as an author on the work they have helped to create, and will be provided with a copy of the research for future use.

Through this scheme, we are able to assist young minds to understand the academic process and ensure that they become fully published academic authors.

Hampton Court House

Hampton Court House is an independent co-educational school. The Sixth Form opened in September 2015. In 2020, HCH was shortlisted for the prestigious TES Best Senior School of the Year award.

The School fosters the habit of curiosity and the lifelong love of learning. By installing a lifelong desire to learn and discover in their students, they are helping to develop the next generation of pioneering academic researchers.

Our partnership enables us to support this special young talent and further help to hone their skills for academic research.

Wimbledon High School

Since 1880, Wimbledon High School has been educating girls to go out into the world and make a difference. A consistently top-performing school in the UK league tables, Wimbledon High School was selected as Independent Girls’ School of the Year 2018.

With a long list of alumnae who have been academics, scientists, and leaders, the School has always promoted the best academic outcomes for every girl as part of a holistic education.

This opportunity will ensure that students can build on this legacy to collaborate on ground-breaking research studies, the findings of which can have a significant impact around the globe.

At Nebula, we want to help to reduce the gender disproportions of high-level academic research. Our partnership with Wimbledon High School is part of this process, and we hope it will encourage more young females to flourish in an academic research environment long into the future.

Our Research Partners

This programme is supported by our key research partners, Strategic Discourse Ltd and Apsley Business School.

More information is available on both these partners on our Partners Page.