Our Mission Statement and Background

To enhance the opportunities available to the public sector and to ensure the best citizen outcomes through research and the application of academic theory in practice.

Nebula Research is the culmination of years of academic excellence and pioneering research. The organisation is the brainchild of Prof Sanjeev Gupta and Prof Sebastian Fuller. As two of the most well-respected research specialists in their respective fields, Sanjeev and Sebastian first envisaged establishing a ground-breaking research group while they studied for their respective advanced degrees. Sanjeev published his first paper on Patient 2.0 Empowerment in 2008. From this date, he has expanded his area of research to include Healthcare, Technology and Education. Sebastian has published many papers across the globe, in languages including English, Japanese, Croatian, and Polish. He has gone on to specialise in research in Education and Special Needs. As recognition of his achievements in research and academia has received the prestigious Verdienst medaille von niederfellabrunn in niederösterreich for his services to education.

Through their dedication to research and the application of academic theory into practice for the betterment of citizens worldwide, Sanjeev and Sebastian have been fortunate enough to work with some of the leading experts in their fields. Over the years these professional relationships strengthened and gradually, a team of the most well-rounded and diverse research specialists was assembled.

Through the expertise of the rapidly growing team, it became possible to take this research group and formalise it into an organisation that develops and delivers high quality research by fostering ideas into realisation to increase the total sum of knowledge for all. Nebula Research has built strong working relationships with some of the top universities around the world, facilitating a programme whereby the next generation of elite researchers support the team of current specialists.

The vast majority of research programmes follow three broad steps:

Our Aims

Our principle aim is to ensure the public sector benefits from continual ground breaking research and discovery. Nebula Research will always ensure:

Some of Our People

Professor Sanjeev Gupta
Professor Sanjeev GuptaBSc, MBA, DBA, CITP, FBCS

Sanjeev has spent over 20 years working in various senior leadership roles in the Public Sector. With a passion for learning and teaching, Sanjeev’s career has more recently been focused on increasing the opportunities available to young professionals and upcoming students.

He is a Professor at Apsley Business School and a lecturer at Kingston Business School. He teaches on a number of programmes for both organisations.

Over the past few years, Sanjeev has run a number of programmes (at Strategic Discourse) which have supported students from Kingston Business School in their professional development.

Recently, due to his expertise in education, Sanjeev was invited to work with the Department of Education on the development of the new T-Levels which are being rolled out from 2020.

Professor Sebastian Fuller
Professor Sebastian FullerBA, MA, MSc, MBA, PhD

After leaving the UK Armed Forces, Sebastian has dedicated his life to education and enhancing the outcomes for all students and pupils.

Having worked across the globe, Sebastian is a published author in many countries. His works have been published (in local languages) in Japan, Poland, Serbia, and the UK.

He is the Academic Director and a Professor at Apsley Business School – which operates across the globe. He is also the research lead for ABS and is an external examiner for several other universities.

He currently focuses his research on Education and the advancement of SEN.

Professor Kate Davis
Professor Kate DavisBA, MSc, PhD, SFHEA, CMBE

Kate is a highly experienced and dynamic programme director managing degree programmes at both Kingston Business School and Apsley.

She has expertise in module development with large student numbers, pioneering the use of technology to improve teaching and learning.

Kate has been recognised for innovative approaches to promote interaction with employers resulting in high graduate employment.

She is an active researcher and collaborator in project management which is strongly influenced by strategic management and the needs of industry.