Our Team Philosophy

The Nebula Research team has grown steadily for many years. What first started with just two individuals, has now grown into a much larger team of specialists. All the members that have joined this team were carefully selected based on their subject specialism and an alignment to our core values. We are proud to have some of the most highly respected researchers on our team and have formalised relationships with academic institutions to benefit from the next generation of top researchers.

As well as our core team of specialists, often we utilise our wider team of associate researchers for larger programmes. These associates are hand picked by our professors for specific research programmes. While impossible to include all these associates here, they are given full credit in publications where they are contributors.

Sanjeev Gupta
Sanjeev GuptaFounder and Lead Professor
Sanjeev is the Founder behind Nebula Research. His drive to improve educational outcomes for all pupils and students, as well as his need to spread knowledge, have culminated in a career in education and research which aims to increase opportunities for all.
Sebastian Fuller
Sebastian FullerCo-Founder and Lead Professor
Sebastian’s lifelong dedication to education has culminated with him becoming a co-founder of Nebula Research. He is the Academic Director of Aplsey Business School and works on a number of national and international schemes to improve access to educational opportunities for all students.
Kate Davies
Kate DaviesLead Professor
Kate has a specific professional interest in Project and Programme Management. She has published a number of books and articles and works with students across multiple socio-economic areas.
Graham Walker
Graham WalkerLead Specialist
Graham is a specialist in the UK Public Sector. A leading lecturer, Graham has supported many students and public sector organisations. His research areas include health management.
Janja Song
Janja SongLead Specialist
Janja has a professional career which is spread across industry and academia. She has helped students win prestigious international awards and maintains her professional expertise through a number of creative projects and programmes.
Toby Flannigan
Toby FlanniganAcademic Researcher
Toby is a researcher with a MBA in Strategic Management. He understands the need for strong academic research to improve business outcomes. Over the past few years, Toby has worked with many public sector clients especially in the areas of education healthcare, leisure, sport & technology – providing insight and support in strategic areas.