Our History

Nebula Research delivers pioneering research, discovery and advancement.

Our Founders came together many years ago, forming a strong friendship and a mutual respect. Over the years, they have both been disappointed by the lack of easily available research, especially to public sector organisations.

Their conversations culminated in a long evening where they decided to set up a non-profit organisation to deliver such research for the benefit of all.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the opportunities available to the public sector and to ensure the best citizen outcomes through research and the application of academic theory in practice.

We seek to develop high quality research by fostering ideas into realisation to increase the total sum of knowledge for all.

Our Vision

Nebula Research has a simple vision – to be pioneers in research practice.

By incorporating real-world practice into our research, we will continue to lead organisations and individuals towards discoveries that enable real change to be implemented for the overall good of citizens right across the globe.

Our Values

To be academically excellent.

To ensure research is published as widely as possible and is easily accessible.

To ensure that, where required, all research follows citizen centric models.

To ensure all research is led by only the most suitable expert in the field.

To only work with organisations which share our values.

Our People

We understand that our team are the greatest asset to our business. With academic rigour, and deep understanding of their specialist fields, our team members ensure that all research is accurate and trustworthy.

Our research is reviewed by our core team of professors, and is only released once it has been through extensive internal checks.

You can find out more about our team on our Team Pages.