Working Collaboratively to Deliver Greater Research Outcomes

At Nebula Research we understand how partnerships increase the total sum of knowledge for all. We are proud of our direct direct partnerships, as well as the additional partnerships these bring through their extended portfolio. We currently have partnerships or associations with many organisations including

As a Founding Partner, Strategic Discourse is one of the top performing management consultancies in the UK. They deploy a new, user-centric model of support where the greater need of citizens always remains a core focus. They work in true partnership with their clients to deliver bespoke solutions, specifically developed to best serve their client and partner needs.

Based in London but operating globally, they work across the public, private, voluntary and charity sectors, delivering a wide variety of services. They are specifically well regarded for their work in research and analysis, having delivered numerous research programmes to support their clients and facilitate change that improves the outcomes for citizens overall.

Strategic Discourse Services

Operating across many industry verticles, Strategic Discourse provide services in:

Strategic Consulting

Operations Consulting

Technical Consulting

Sales Assistance

Research & Analysis

Marketing & Communications

The Founder of Strategic Discourse is an academic and business lead who has over 25 years experience in the UK public sector. Over the years he has steadily built his team to ensure the best service delivery is made available to a broad client base with varying needs. The expertise of the wider team includes, but is not limited to: Healthcare, Education, Wider Public Sector, Technology, Governance, Strategy, Operations, Marketing, Research and Sales.

The organisation is a certified Crown Commercial Services supplier, having been awarded G-Cloud 14 and DOS 4 certifications.

As a Founding Partner, Apsley is a Business School based in London that attracts thousands of students from across the world every year. The organisation equips its students with a formidable range of research skills, thereby helping to develop the next generation of researchers and analysts.

Aside from research and analysis, they offer a wide range of accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, lifelong learning courses and packages in Management, Law, Education, Psychology and Engineering aimed at professionals in the workplace.

Through their dedication to research, both in terms of scientific discovery and education, Apsley have evolved their core team to comprise some of the most respected researchers in their respective fields.

Aspley’s Global Reach

As a global organisation, Apsley has educational facilities in cities including

  • London
  • Paris
  • Vienna
  • Prague
  • Bratislava
  • Kosice
  • Budapest
  • Sao Paulo