Evie Barrett | Lotty Greig | Georgia Tollis | 2022

Right-Wing Extremism in Europe

To what extent is the ascendency of right-wing extremism a threat to stable societies in Europe?


This paper is researching right-wing extremism, and whether its growth is proving to be a threat to stable societies, specifically, in Europe. It addresses what right-wing extremism is, where it is growing and why, why right-wing movements are a threat and how it is predicted to grow, all of which will help to establish to what extent the extremist movements are a threat to Europe. It is important to answer this question as right-wing extremism, as the threat has not been examined as much as it should considering the potential risks it poses. This paper looks at a wide breadth of secondary resources to be able to fully answer the question. The literature researched has shown right-wing extremism to be a relatively significant threat to societies in Europe, as it is a risk to immigrant communities, and the popularity of the internet means it is easier for movements to spread ideas quickly and anonymously, with limited risk of getting caught. This means measures should ideally be put in place, as if right-wing extremism is a threat, it should be contained. This paper gave the hypothesis that the ascendancy of right-wing extremism is a relatively considerable threat to stable societies in Europe and this was confirmed by the research.