Eleanor Griffin | Sascha Entwistle | Rosa Skeete |Amber Jeens| 2022

Geographical Disparities & Political Polarisation

A review of how geographical disparities have impacted political polarisation in the UK between c1979-2020


Recent events have illustrated the proliferation of political polarisation in modern society. Political polarisation has, however, existed for many years – what has changed is how this is manifested. This paper aims to highlight how geographical disparities have been apparent since c.1979, and how they continue to perpetuate political polarisation in the 21st century. We examine the available and relevant literature concerning more specifically the north-south divide and the urban-rural divide in relation to general elections, as well as looking at Brexit and disparities not confined to the north-south divide or urban-rural divide in order to demonstrate the effect of spatial differences on general elections and the EU referendum.