Aisha Rafique | Rebecca Rendall | Lucy Simpson | Hannah Zhang | 2022

Cannabis Therapy & Depression

How can cannabis therapeutics impact treatment of depression?


This paper examines the potential use of cannabis as a treatment for depression, with reference to the relevant literature on both successful and unsuccessful cases of cannabis use as treatment. As part of this, an evaluation of the health risks associated with cannabis use as well as the potential association between recreational cannabis use and depressive symptoms is conducted.

There was a lack of clinical trial data on the efficacy of different cannabis constituents in treating depression, and the potential side effects of cannabis use.

While Cannabis may alleviate symptoms of depression, there are also possible adverse effects, such as causing disease (cholera, tetanus, epilepsy and rheumatism), which raises the question of whether the benefits of taking Cannabis outweigh the associated risks.

These studies do not come to a definitive conclusion as external factors have a high chance of impacting depressive symptoms in the individuals rather than the use of cannabis alone.